Weekend review schedule has great advantages over daily review schedule. A reviewee can manage well his review schedule if he only attends review classes every weekend.

The weekend review schedule would also give the reviewees better preparations as he has more days to study the subjects from Monday to Friday before attending the review classes at weekend. This means that the reviewee has at least 4 days to study the subject prior to the review classes.

The flexibility of the class schedule every weekend is intended to accommodate law graduates who are employed in the government or private sectors and married people who wish to enroll in the bar review without being absent from work or leaving their families.

Another advantage for a weekend review schedule is that the bar reviewer can cover substantial areas of the subject matter as he has about 19 lecture hours per weekend compared to 4-hour lecture a day reviewing in Manila.

In a weekend schedule, the same subject matter is discussed in one weekend; while in Manila or other review centers, two subjects are discussed per week at 4 hours per day of lecture. In other words, a reviewee can concentrate in his study of a particular subject since he would have more lecture hours in such subject for that particular weekend.

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